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Points & Redemption

More about Crystal Club points and how to redeem them!

How do I earn Crystal Club points?

There are many ways to earn Crystal Club points!

How do I check my Crystal Club points activity?

All about your points movements.

Do Crystal Club points or discount code expire?

No, they do not.

I redeemed an award but I can't find my voucher code. Help!

You can find them in your Crystal Club account!

How do I check my Crystal Club point balance?

You can do so by logging in to your Crystal Club account.

Tell me more about Crystal Club gift redemptions [Online exclusive]

Redeem seasonal gift rewards from Crystal Club!

How do I redeem my Crystal Club points?

There are three ways to redeem Crystal Club points!

How do I refer a friend and gift them 15% off their first purchase?

You get 15%, they get 15%!

How many Crystal Club points do I get when I leave a review?

30 points for a text review, with an additional 50 points when you attach an image!

I added a Crystal Club gift to my cart but I can’t check out. Help!

To redeem a Crystal Club gift, you will have to attain a voucher code.

I did not receive Crystal Club points for my purchase! Help!

Crystal Club points earned will be reflected 48 hours after your purchase has been made.

Can I use my Crystal Club points in-stores and online?

Yes, you can use them at checkout online and in-stores.