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Jewellery Care

Learn more about caring for your By Invite Only babies!


Can I shower with my jewellery?

Well, it depends.

How do I take care of my jewellery?

We're so glad you asked!

Tell me more about gold and rose gold jewellery.

Learn more about specifications, material and caring tips for our gold and rose gold plated jewellery.

Tell me more about silver jewellery.

Learn more about specifications and caring tips on 925 silver and silver jewellery.

Learn more about demi-fine jewellery.

Vermeil is a specific method of plating for higher quality pieces.

How do I adjust a huggie's loose clasp?

If they're bent out of shape or a little loose, a light hand will have it back to perfect in just a couple of steps. Step 1: Gently push the curved post up against the side of your finger as shown above. Step 2: Try to clip the huggie shut. If it's s