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After Sales Services

All you need to know about our return, exchange, repairs, and replacement policies.

4 categories
Shipping & Delivery

All you need to know about shipping and delivery.

7 articles

Learn more about picking your order up in-store.

6 articles
Orders & Fulfilment

Learn more about what happens to your order once you've made it.

6 articles
Gift Cards & Gifting

Learn more about our gifting and gift card options.

8 articles
Crystal Club

Everything you need to know about Crystal Club – By Invite Only's customer rewards program!

2 categories
Payment Methods

Learn more about payment methods, currencies, and cancelled orders.

6 articles
Discount Codes

Learn more about getting discounts and using them on your next order.

8 articles
Store Credits

Learn more about Crystal Club rewards and store credits.

6 articles

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