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Tell me more about silver jewellery.Updated 4 months ago

To find out which kind of silver your piece is made of, please visit its respective product page.

925 SilverRhodium-plated, with a protective film coatingSome 925 silver pieces have an extra layer of rhodium. 

This gives off a darker silvery finish that is long-lasting. Once the rhodium and coating has worn out, you will be able to see the 925 silver base (slightly lighter coloured).

A silver polishing cloth may be used once the rhodium plating has worn off.
925 SilverProtective film coatingOther 925 pieces are protected by a film coating.

For these pieces, there will be a slightly whitish silver finishing that is bright and luminous for a different aesthetic feel. 

As compared to rhodium-plated silver, 925 silver lasts longer and can be polished for a brighter shine.
SilverRhodium-plated eco-brass, with a protective film coating

Eco-brass is a lighter, stronger, eco-friendly variation of brass.

In an effort to reduce the amount of lead generated and released, eco-brass – alongside other lead-free variations of brass – was invented. Eco-brass is lead-free, posing no problems to humans and the environment alike. 

To care for non-925 Silver items, use warm water to wash your jewellery and pat them dry with a soft cloth.

RutheniumRuthenium-plated eco-brassRuthenium is a rare metal that is used as a plating on top of eco-brass to give off a dark finishing to our jewellery.

Do not use silver polishing cloth or our Hi Shine! Silver Jewellery Care Kit on ruthenium plated pieces as it will affect the plating.

To care for ruthenium jewellery, use mild unscented soap with water to clean and pat them dry with a soft cloth. 

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