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Can I shower with my jewellery?Updated 7 months ago

Well, it depends.

Our pieces are coated with a protective layer on top of the plating to help increase its longevity. Showers with exposure to non-perfumed mild soap and water is usually fine.

However, we recommend removing your jewellery before you shower, as a precaution on the chance your body soap contains perfume, oils, or contaminants that may affect the coating's integrity. Removing it also reduces the chances of accidental snagging or tugging.

If you would like to wear our jewellery to shower, we would recommend our 925 silver pieces or 'gldsmth' fine jewellery made from solid 10K/14K/18K.

For 925 Silver or fine jewellery pieces that come with stone attachments such as cubic zirconia or pearls, we suggest removing such designs before shower to prevent the stone settings from being affected.

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