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How do I request for an online exchange?Updated 2 years ago

To make an exchange request online, please proceed to our Self-Service Centre.

If you're making an online request, please note that the new item will be shipped to your registered address. Online requests cannot be completed via our retail stores, even if you go down to drop the item off. If you're made a request online, the item would be reserved from our warehouse inventory. 

We will take 2 business days to respond to your request and a top-up might be required. All delivery charges will be borne by the customer. 

Please note that the final invoice of your online exchange will be sent via a separate email by our Customer Service team. 

All online exchange orders will be processed as per online stock availability during the time of request reviewed by the Customer Service team.


If you're heading down to one of our stores to make an in-store exchange request, 

have your order number ready and approach our retail team at the store. 

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