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Define product damages.Updated 4 months ago

Admissible Damages:

  1. Jewellery items received with their clasps, jump rings, pendants, or chains disconnected.
  2. Jewellery item received with its pendant broken into pieces.
  3. Jewellery items received with discolouration before wear.
  4. Online purchases with the following issues:
    • Earrings or necklace pendants detached upon arrival.
    • Earrings or necklace ear post detached upon arrival. 

Suppose customers have purchased at any of our physical stores in Singapore or pop-up events. Earring post, necklace pendant, or ring pendant detached / bent upon arriving home or back in the home country is not considered as admissible damages.

Customers are responsible for checking any products purchased at the store before completing their payment.


Inadmissible Damages:

  1. Gemstones with natural inclusions (e.g. black carbon dots or flecks natural to the stone's characteristics), uneven colour distribution compared to the image on the product page, fissures and internal fractures
  2. Jewellery crushed or trampled by a heavy object (such as a car, trolley, or by foot).
  3. Jewellery damaged by accidental handling or due to "hands-on" activities, resulting in stones being lost.
  4. Jewellery discolouration due to exposure to chemicals, make-up, swimming pools, hot tubs or bathing.
  5. Jewellery damaged due to negligence (such as exposure to acid, alcohol wipes or non-jewellery-friendly products). Click here to find out more about our jewellery care.
  6. Jewellery damaged due to wear and tear.
    This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Scratches
    2. Deformities on the shape of huggies/rings
    3. Deformities on earring posts
  7. Loose huggies clasps.
  8. Earring post that are slightly bent during transit
For earrings with posts, we take extra care in packing your items safely for shipping. However, in the unlikely event you receive a pair of earrings that have a slight bend to the posts but are still intact, rest assured they are not damaged.

We intend for our earring posts to be slightly malleable due to the type of metal used and you may gently push the posts back to its original position by hand. This design choice ensures that the posts are not overly brittle, as more rigid materials have a higher likelihood of breaking.

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