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Fine Jewellery · gldsmth

Everything you need to know about our capsule collection, gldsmth!

What is gldsmth?

gldsmth is By Invite Only’s first collection of fine jewellery.

What is recycled gold?

Everything’s gold with gldsmth – recycled gold.

Tell me more about caring for fine jewellery.

To care for fine jewellery, scrub lightly with mild soap and warm water.

Tell me more about Fine Jewellery After Sales Services.

After Sales Services & warranty for our fine jewellery pieces differ slightly

Can I resize a solid gold ring?

Unfortunately, we are unable to resize any rings from our collection of fine jewellery.

Will solid gold tarnish?

The only gold that will never discolour is 24K gold, which is 99.9% pure gold.

Will I be able to pawn fine jewellery?

Yes, you can.