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I can't log in to my Crystal Club account. Help!Updated a year ago

Here are some instances you might have to check on if you have problems accessing your Crystal Club account.
  1. Please ensure that you have already created a Crystal Club account via our website. If you have not, please head over to our here to do so.
  2. Making a purchase with us online or in-stores does not create a Crystal Club account. Learn more.
  3. If you have made a purchase before and the website mentioned, " Account does not exist ". Kindly activate your account by registering with the same email address. This is to ensure that, points rewarded from previous purchases accumulated in 1 account. 
  4. If you've forgotten your password, please click on "Forgot password?" You will receive an email detailing how to reset your password.

If you still have problems accessing your Crystal Club account, chat with us or kindly email our friendly customer service team at [email protected] for assistance.
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