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What makes By Invite Only safe for sensitive skin?Updated 2 years ago

Our founder is also a sufferer of sensitive eczema-prone skin. Many members of #teamBIO too understand how difficult it is to find a brand that you can feel safe. 
We tackle this with a three-fold-approach.
  1. They're void of the Toxic 3: nickel, lead and cadmium
    • Nickel: Often the main culprit on skin irritations and contact dermatitis
    • Lead and cadmium: which, when exposed to, can lead to hazardous effects on health 1

  2. There's an added layer of protective coating

    This then creates a barrier between the metal and your skin. With care, this coating will last for a long time. If not, this coating will degrade as it is only a thin film.

  3. Tried and Tested

    We conduct wear-tests ourselves for every new material or supplier before releasing it for sale as we understand that every person's skin is unique. We cut off suppliers who does not meet our high sensitive-skin standards and constantly seek our customers' feedback on their experience.

A promise of making every effort

If a By Invite Only piece has caused a reaction and warrants an investigation, we will endeavour to reevaluate the item in question.

Learn more about our Reevaluation Process.

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